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TFH - September 18th, 2014


Those are lyrics from the Trevor Hall song, UNITY. To me, they are the answer to the question “What does a peaceful world look like?”

We humans expend so much time, energy and effort to demand that ‘our group’ of humans, whatever group we choose to identify with, be heard and be seen. Whether that group is a country, a political party, a religion or a high school clique - it doesn’t much matter. What matters is that we seem to be fighting for the wrong things. 

What would this world look like if, instead of finding ways to set ourselves apart from one another, we stood- side by side - united in the pursuit of peace, love and a healthy planet. 

Instead of finding ways to separate, let’s come together and make the world a better place to be, for every ONE. Because we are all one. ONE LOVE. ONE HEART. ONE HUMAN RACE. ONE WORLD. 

For sending your constant messages of kindness and unity, Trevor Hall is Today’s Favourite Human. 

If you agree with Trevor’s message, please offer whatever assistance you can. Trevor and his band recently had all their equipment and belongings stolen. They are raising money to replace their instruments and get back to the business of spreading the love.

Wherever you are today, hug the person next to you and do what you can for them. Let’s stay united, because we are all stronger together. 


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TFH - September 9th, 2014

She was given a school assignment to discuss a TED talk that inspired her. She created a talk of her own that will inspire teens - and all humans - around the world. They told her to kill herself, but what she did instead is find a way to help others live with confidence and courage.

Katie Gill talks about how hard it is for teens to fit into the wider world, and how it’s impossible to do when the world wants to give you tiny boxes to fit into.

Katie offers advice on finding your own identity and living without those boxes and the labels we plaster all over them.

Katie Gill is Today’s Favourite Human.

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TFH - September 8th, 2014

WARNING: A few bad words ahead, but a very good message. 

The question is: WHO ARE YOU? 

Answer: Find out. 

Prince EA has a message for all the humans. Look inside yourself. Discover who you are, because there you will discover the power to be the change. 

When we look inside ourselves, we realize that we are the ones looking upon the world. It is said that the mere act of observation can impact upon the result. Let’s take a look within and do what we can to affect some positive change - to ourselves, our fellow humans and our world. 

#strongertogether Let’s all help #maketheworldabetterplacetobe

Prince EA is Today’s Favourite Human. 

(truly sorry if the bad language offends anyone) 

Keep it positive. 

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TFH - September 3rd, 2014

Forget who you are, forget the rules, forget the right way, forget the old school, forget the fear - be amazingly yourself and believe in your ability to make a difference. The world needs you to believe in yourself so you can become the person the world needs you to be. 

There’s no one way and there is no right way to do anything. 

Max Pazak and Kayli Levitan stepped outside their boxes and boundaries of their perceived roles and started a movement that is helping thousands of people find dignity and hope. 

In conjunction with the Haven Night Shelter in Cape Town, South Africa, Max and Kayli launched The Street Store, bringing the ‘haves and have nots’ together. 

What amazing idea do you have that can help create positive change - if only in one life? Do it. What’s stopping you? We believe in you. We believe you can#maketheworldabetterplacetobe

Max, Kayli and everyone involved in The Street Store have done it - and that’s why they are Today’s Favourite Humans. 

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TFH - August 28th, 2014

Shannon Galpin is a National Geographic Adventurer, artist, activist, humanitarian, author, and mountain biker, but I like to call her Today’s Favourite Human. 

Shannon is the Founder of Mountain2Mountain and Combat Apathy, an activist organization established to fight for women’s rights all over the globe. 

Through her programs and projects, Shannon is helping to engage communities in discussion, increasing awareness and helping to build stronger support, increased tolerance and pro-active involvement with one another through art, sport and citizen activism. 

Shannon’s Strength in Numbers Cycling Program is helping girls in Afghanistan, and around the globe, find empowerment and, of course, the strength to grow and believe in a better world. 

Shannon Galpin is an amazing woman, leader and guiding light, encouraging young women everywhere to live beyond. That’s why she is Today’s Favourite Human. 

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TFH - August 27th, 2014

I literally cannot stop crying. 

This is the story of Paige Elenson, co-founder of Africa Yoga Project. A movement of leaders causing leaders causing more leaders creating hope, inspiration, joy and a wave of change that is truly making the world a better place to be for thousands of people around the globe. 

The Africa Yoga Project has brought the healing powers of yoga to an area of the world that is steeped in strife, and in doing so, has helped replace anger and desperation with possibilities, hope and a means to grow. The Africa Yoga project is creating jobs, healing lives and healing a nation. 

Thanks to Paige and the Africa Yoga Project, thousands of people across Africa have experienced the power of change. As a result, thousands more lives will be impacted - and from there - who knows. 

Paige Elenson saw an opportunity to help others by sharing what was in her heart. She is saving lives and that is why she is Today’s Favourite Human. 

Change yourself. Change millions of others. Change the world.

Rise Up. Reach Up. Shine.


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TFH - August 21st, 2014

So, we’ve all seen, and (hopefully) participated in, an ALS #IcebucketChallenge. You can’t log on these days without see another wet head and declaration of support - and I think it’s awesome. In fact, I would love to see  all of us get behind every good cause in this way. If you are tiring of the challenges and think it’s ‘so five days ago’ to be taking up the fight, please watch today’s video to see why it is so important to keep this going. 

Russell Brand said “Anyone who galvanizes people, brings people together, points us to the better aspects of our nature and helps us overcome basic things like fear and desire - I think these people are the worthy heroes.” 

Anthony Carbajal is one of those heroes. Anthony Carbajal is Today’s Favourite Human. 

Warning: This video will make you cry. Proceed with caution. 

Anthony, and others like Anthony and their families, need your help - need our help. Please help keep the fight against ALS alive, to help keep those with ALS alive. Let this be the start of something special. 



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